About Us

We were born in Rione Sanità and we work here to change things. We devote all our knowledge and efforts to supporting new businesses and inspiring hope among the youth.

About the cooperative La Paranza and their work in the Rione Sanità.

Cooperativa La Paranza

We founded the cooperative in 2006, in a neighbourhood where there are both conflicts and great resources.

Our cooperative was born in one of the districts of Naples with the clearest evidence of great socio-cultural inequality and huge resources existing side by side.

We believe that this is the starting point for a process of self-development, which is why we decided to place our experience at the service of Rione Sanità: not to change city, but to change the city.

«Hope has two beautiful daughters, Anger and the Courage to see that things do not remain the way they are»

St. Augustine

Our goals

We identify new ideas, tools and involvement strategies, through the creation of a new attitude towards work inspired by the human and Christian values of the cooperative.

Action for change

When returning from our travels, we would often feel down for the efficiency of foreign countries. However, we were aware of the resources at our disposal, so we decided it was time to act and to use our skills to change reality, shaping it on our dreams.

Giving the district an international feel

Enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage of the neighbourhood is one of our main activities. The beauty of its sites is an attraction for tourists, not only Italians, but also from other countries, and contributes to the integration of the district in the city's productivity system.

Offering positive alternatives and hope to local youth

Visitors to the catacombs have increased fivefold, and a social economy has developed which has given rise to a network of small cooperatives and artisans. These are all positive examples that point to a brighter future.

An ever-growing sign

  • Admittances 200700
  • People employed 56
  • Heritage recovered in sqm 13500

Our activities

We contribute to reviving the city’s image with enthusiasm and professionalism, through the rediscovery of its artistic and cultural heritage.

We have also created training courses and job placement, exchange and networking schemes for people, organisations and associations.

The management model of the Catacombs was designed to be repeated in other historical and artistic sites.


Our team includes archaeologists, restorers and art historians involved in the study, supervision and restoration of the frescoes and mosaics in the Catacombs.

The adventure of the Catacombs

We started our activities in 2006 with the management of the Catacomb of San Gaudioso, in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità. This journey led us to being awarded with the artistic-historical tender by the CON IL SUD Foundation in 2008. This was the first step in the process that led to the recovery, management and opening of the Catacombs of San Gennaro to the public.

Tourist accommodation

Casa del Monacone is the result of a project involving the reclamation and development of local resources. The accommodation facility is in a renovated monastery, a welcoming place for tourists and pilgrims who wish to spend a few days in our city, experiencing our warm welcome and share our values.

San Gennaro Community Foundation social non-profit organisation

The San Gennaro Community Foundation was founded on 16 December 2014.

The Foundation brought together all the organisations that had been working in the local area for years, and was created to give stability to what had already been achieved and also to promote new projects. Culture, growth and community will foster a social and economic revival of the local area in a modern and sustainable manner.

Co-Operazione San Gennaro Association

Within the San Gennaro Community Foundation, we are part of the Co-Operazione San Gennaro Association, which brings together third sector operators from Rione Sanità. We work together to promote a culture of giving and to encourage social cohesion. Together we activate a grassroots change.

Our sponsors

The Catacombs of Naples project has become a reality thanks to the support of many friends, who participate with commitment and passion in the fulfilment of our dream.

Supporters of our projects

Our technical sponsors