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L’Indipendent Uk parla di Napoli e di noi

Luglio 17, 2017

“… There’s never been a better time to visit Naples.
In recent years, Naples has been edging towards a sort of cultural renaissance.
The energy in the city right now is palpable, thanks to de Magistris’ leadership – and there’s a push towards making things more visitor-friendly. In the past several years, Naples has been the focal point of sporting events including America’s Cup, the Giro d’Italia and the Davis Cup. Since 2012, the waterfront has been a pedestrian-only zone, inviting families to walk and bike along the Bay of Naples – with its views that have captivated people for millennia.
Young Neapolitans are starting up social urban projects with the aim of stimulating the local economy.
La Paranza social cooperative now offers tours of Naples’ catacombs, and runs other activities in Rione Sanità (historically one of the more maligned neighbourhoods), while Made In Cloister has turned 15th century cloisters near the train station into a booming space for art and culture that hosts pop-up installations, concerts and other events. “

Thank you Independent.co.uk and Livia Hengel.

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